Catcher In The Rye Coming To Age Analysis

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What is coming to age? What exactly is coming to age and is Perks Of Being A Wallflower there a certain time and moment in someone’s life to grow up? In the book , Catch in The Rye by J.D Salinger , Holden a teenage boy goes through tough experiences that breaks him down mentally, psychically and emotionally. Throughout the book he shows resistance of coming to age /maturing. However, does show maturity in certain situations, but because of his resistance of maturing he falls back down into a hard state. In the book,by Stephen Chbosky, a socially awkward young teen that enters high school. He’s writing letter to an unknown friend, telling the readers about his experiences, while explaining his experiences. Changes can be seen in Charlie’s…show more content…
His best friend, Michael, was thought to kill himself, however the readers and even Charlie himself doesn’t know he actually killed himself or not. Michael death greatly affects Charlie causing him to break down emotionally.The reason why he really breaks down is because he never understood why Michael killed himself (if he did) or why he didn’t get help from Charlie. “Then I started screaming at the guidance counselor that Michael could have talked to me. And then I started crying even harder.~ Page 4. Charlie starts to think that there were family problems, due to Michael’s dad not crying at his funeral and on top of that leaving his wife. This event causes to Charlie to start paying attention to the things around and even analyzing deeply on the things that go around in his life that are dysfunctional. This causes him to think about his Aunt Helen , who he loved dearly and claims that Aunt Helen his favorite person in the whole entire world. It stated that Aunt Helen did pass away from a car accident. Her death affected him greatly also causing him to break down emotionally, over the course of the story Aunt Helen his brought up on multiple occasion. However, he does suddenly remember and bring up the traumatic event of his Aunt Helen molesting him. It wasn’t indicated directly but there is evidence that shows a large possibility of her doing
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