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Comparative Essay In present day, there are countless of people who experience tragedies in their life; however, there are people in life that have the potential to heal or to help fight the struggles in one’s life. Through the book, Catcher in the Rye and Little Bee, authors, J.D. Salinger and Chris Cleave suggest that the power of relationship has the power to heal the deepest wounds. To begin, Little Bee and Holden have experienced tragedies throughout their life. Both characters have been living with the memories of their loved one and are trying to cope with their bad memories but are being resistant to help as well. Both characters have well-wishers who think for their benefit; however, Holden and Little Bee both isolate themselves…show more content…
Although Little Bee and Holden are resistant to recover from their harsh memories, they both eventually form a bond with their close relationship that allows heals them. Chris Cleave portrays the power of relationship in the story, Little Bee, when Little Bee does not react as the guards capture her but instead she, “laughed and laughed until the sounds of the sea was drowned” (Cleave 266). Little Bee does not react to the her being captured but rather focuses on the freedom that Charlie has as he plays with the other African kids in the beach. This is significant as this shows how the bond between Little Bee and Charlie has allowed her to recover from her fears and memory. She was no longer afraid of death and being captured by men. This relationship can be compared to the bond between Phoebe and Holden. Holden experiences the same feelings as Little Bee as he watches Phoebe go on the carousel. Holden says, “I felt so damn happy all of sudden, the way old Phoebe kept going around and around. I was damn near bawling, I felt so damn happy”(Salinger 213). Holden becomes happy all of a sudden by seeing Phoebe go around. Salinger also uses rain as a way to describe his happiness as Holden does not run for shelter upon the drops of rain, but instead stays on the bench looking at his sister go in rounds. This shows how much he cares and loves for his sister and how his wounds were being healed in the process. This is significant because this shows Holden has formed into a

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