Examples Of Dialectical Journal For The Catcher In The Rye '

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3R Journal Response #1 The death of Allie was a major shifting point in Holden’s personality, and had a deep effect on many of the experiences he faced after he left Pencey. Holden was writing a composition for Stradlater, when he decided to write about Allie’s baseball mitt. He began reminiscing about memories he shared with Allie, and describing the great person he was. Allie was very intelligent, kind, and one of the few people Holden truly loved. When he passed away from leukemia, Holden broke down and stayed a night in his garage, where he destroyed all of the windows with his fists. Allie’s death left both psychological and physical scars on Holden, which have a subtle, but important influence on the rest of the novel. Although I have…show more content…
Whether it is a personal loss, or the overwhelming pressures of life, neglecting the assistance of others or not seeking it will lead to a break down sooner or later. As you continue looking at how humans deal with stress, this question comes to mind: Is the burden to be carried as a group effort? Do humans assist each other with their hardships, ultimately sharing a common connection through agony? It is for certain that a single person will not be able to deal with such stressful experiences alone without altering their own personality and character. Shutting yourself within a bubble will only lead to a disillusioned world where difficult experiences cripple you, and you constantly feel guilty for things you may not have been able to change. I believe sharing your distresses with the ones you love and trust will create a lasting bond, and will ease the pain of your loss. Even in the face of inevitability, you can gain strength through the support and encouragement of others; instead of feeling guilty and regretting your decisions, you can leave these arduous experiences as a stronger, more empathetic and resilient person. In a sense, as you create new bonds and strengthen them through every experience you share, your own character also becomes more tenacious and prepared for difficult trials
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