Catcher In The Rye Existentialism Analysis

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Isolated Thoughts: Existentialism and The Catcher in the Rye With the world affecting the minds of people, they are in constant motion of trying to imitate each other’s actions, such as catching up to the latest season of the Bachelorette, a television show, where men or women compete for their love. The competitors have one thing in common to each other, to attract the opposite gender through different ways of approaching the person. Each person has a different way to approach a situation such as the characters in the book, Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger with Holden, who is injected with existentialism. Throughout the novel, Holden’s ideal state of isolation and existentialism led him to battle against society and how society fed him ideas of expectancy. The phonies in his…show more content…
Holden usually drinks liquor to erase the impunity of his own thoughts when he goes into a nightclub. Holden try to evade his own thoughts since only bad things he thinks comes out such as the phonies. When Holden was walking in the park alone walking, he “dropped old Phoebe’s record. It broke into about fifty pieces. It was in a big envelope and all, but it broke anyway. [He] damn near cried (Salinger 154). This was to indicate his life, falling down deeper into a place called maturity, with the park indicating his life and breaking his record as his breaking point. To get to the point, items can falter Holden’s free will or even break it. On course to the final destination, a character named Holden was created by J.D. Salinger in the book, the Catcher in the Rye to symbolize a soul, privileged by the rich, wandering through a black mass of society, that the soul does not want to be part of but eventually became part of that society. Holden has lost the battle against the phonies and his ostracized life of existentialism had led him to his downfall of becoming a phony and an
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