Catcher In The Rye Growing Up Analysis

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The hardest part about growing up is letting go of the past and moving on to the unknown. For Holden he can’t let go for his childhood; he is stuck in his childhood not knowing how to let go of his past. The past was hard for him, but he keeps staying in the past and it is pulling him down. According to J.D. Salinger in “The Catcher in the rye”, growing up is an important issue in the real word, and he exemplifies this message through characterization.

The message of growing up is shown through Holden’s view of kids. When Holden was changing this clothes to get ready for the rest of his night he wanted so badly to reach out to Phoebe and give her a buzz. He was too afraid of his parents picking up so he just sat there thinking about her.
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While Holden was at the theater, he was criticizing a mother for not allowing her child to use the washroom: “The phonier it got, the more she cried. You’d have thought she did it because she was kindhearted as hell, but I was sitting right next to her, and she wasn’t. She had this little kid with her that was bored as hell and had to go to the bathroom, but she wouldn't take him” (Salinger 155). To Holden adults are just phonies. He believes that they are fake and they do all these phonies things. He couldn't believe that the mother wasn't going to take her child to the restroom. He thought that, that act was insensible and downright phony. The thing that Holden doesn't understand is that is a part of growing up.Growing up means you have to change and some people don’t want to accept the fact that it’s part of life. Adults say certain things to kids because they have a reason behind it. They know what is better for there kid. For example, if a kid asked why someone died they won’t come out straight forward what happened. They may just say “God was getting lonely up there so he needs some company.” This is because parents are trying to hide reality for there kids as long as they can so they can enjoy their childhood. Holden doesn't get the point that parents do thing because they know their kid and there
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