Catcher In The Rye Guardian Angel Of Innocence Analysis

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Someone is always crossing the line between childhood to adulthood, and innocence to experience. The trick is though, one has to be on one side of the line. It is not possible to walk on the line, it’s an all or nothing kind of thing. However, Holden tries to be the guardian angel of innocence and preserve the things that remind him of his childhood because of Allie stuck in the state of innocence—dead and preventing Phoebe from entering the realm of adulthood—maturity. Holden finds ways to be the guardian angel of innocence, even if it means he would lose his own innocence. He tries to protect Jane Gallagher, who holds special meaning to him because she keeps her kings in the back (31-32). The metaphor of Jane keeping her kings in the back row represents her innocence. She is careful and reserved, since in the game the whole point is to travel the king to the other side. However, if a king gets taken away then she would lose her innocence, or purity—her virginity. He shows an act of violence toward Stradlater because he hinted to Holden that he gave her the time in Ed Banky’s car (43). Holden, who doesn’t like many things in life, likes Jane genuinely and the…show more content…
He wants to be able to catch the children from falling off the cliff, or falling from innocence to adulthood. Hence his name is Holden because he wants to “hold” the children and be their safety net, catching them as they try to descend into adulthood. The descending into adulthood is equivalent to hell because he believes that being an adult is monstrous and that they are phonies. He doesn’t want to grow up and change because he rather lives in a world where things are constant. He doesn’t like change because he doesn’t know what the future holds, he wants to be in his safety zone. Therefore, he protects the people he loves the most from entering the realm of adulthood because he believes that it is a
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