Catcher In The Rye Identity Essay

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Identity Essay In life there are two ways at looking at things you can either be positive and go on with life in a positive way but things go very wrong when you start looking at life in a negative way. Life starts going a very bad way. And all this has to go with your identity being a positive person gives you a positive personality but that is the same way with negativity. In the Jacket it shows that in life there are two ways to look at life if you decide to react to life you can either be positive and have a positive life but if you have a negative view on it you’ll have a negative life. In The Jacket gary decides to react to getting the jacket and this means that everything in life starts not going his way. For example when he is taking…show more content…
In The Catcher In The Rye this is another good example of bad reaction bad life. In the book Holden holds himself back by “not in the mood” For things like school, girls, and life. But when he says that he 's not in the mood what he is really saying is that he is not comfortable. By this I mean that he is not ready for the situation. He is being his inner self. And that means he 's being like a kid. We can see this the most is when Holden is talking about Phoebe he says that she is the only one that understands him and just by that we can see that she is the only one becuase at the time talking to her. Holden 's mental state isn 't at what it should be. It 's a much younger state. And this is why phoebe can understand him so much. And the negativity part comes in here because whenever he 's trys to do something he tells himself that he is not worthy or in the case of Holden he isn 't in the mood. And this is how Holden 's life becomes so negative. He makes that for himself. He could have had a lot more things in this book if he would go in with positivity with his situations he could have been something more with Jane. He could have been friends with Stradlater he could have had an education. But most importantly he could
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