Catcher In The Rye Journey Analysis

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Typically, when someone thinks of going on a journey, the first thing that comes to mind is to travel from one destination to another. From this thought two main ideas can be interpreted.
One type of journey could be a long expedition to a new city, experiencing new activities. Before vacationing to Paris, I was skeptical about the travel because I knew nothing about the city. While on the plane, I sat nervously in my chair awaiting what would be in store upon arrival. Once we landed at Paris airport, I immediately became confused that almost everyone did not speak English. I was also baffled that some people looked and dressed differently. I was amazed by the beauty of the city, its everlasting landmarks and the rich cultural pride within
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Examples such as going from dumb to smart or happy to sad characterize the mental journey. Throughout The Catcher in the Rye, we see Holden going from a child to an adult. He goes through a change of mind after realizing we all must face adulthood. Initially we see Holden behaving childlike, as he is awaiting to be expelled from his private school. Holden then notices he is losing his childhood, as the things he associated with his adolescence are fading away. By the end of the story, he copes with his loss of childhood and does not show his juvenile behavior that he had at the beginning of the book. Holden displays clearly a transformation of character with his mental journey.
I am currently experiencing a mental journey with my CK swim training. In the beginning of our season, I had a shallow understanding of the difficulties I would encounter. I was unaware of the demands required and the countless hours of painful training. Throughout the season, I have learned that I must train both my body and my brain. I must push myself harder when I begin to feel weak or I will continue to stagnantly perform. Now, I realize that to perform my best, I must dive deeper into my thoughts for success. I will achieve my best results by understanding this mental journey; from start to
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