Catcher In The Rye Kwaj Kid Analysis

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Isolated...Hatred of cliques...and judgmental. These are three traits that belong to Holden Caulfield, the creation of J.D. Salinger inside the novel The Catcher In The Rye. These are the traits which molds his inability to fit in on Kwajalein and to create peers. Holden has been exposed to many traumatic events in his lifetime, ranging from the death of his brother Allie, and the possible sexual assault(s) from an unknown (to the reader) assailant. Whatever the case may be, these events shape him into who and what he is as a person, and impress onto him three distinct traits. These three outlined traits are exact opposites of what a typical Kwaj Kid is. A Kwaj Kids’ typical traits are that they are outgoing, cliquey, and nonjudgmental, but Holden Caulfield is neither of these. Holden’s traits go against every typical trait and ethos for a Kwaj Kid. For this reason Holden Caulfield would neither fit in nor create peers on Kwajalein. Firstly, the isolation that Holden feels and places himself into is not appeasing to me and certainly would not to other Kwaj Kids that would potentially befriend him. Besides from anti-social cliques, Kwaj Kids are not the type to stay indoors and isolate themselves. When I first arrived here from the states, I was greeted by Abigail Bishop, Jordan Rice,…show more content…
Yes that may sound foolish however, it is one analogy to connect Holden to today’s society. A hipster fits all of Holden’s traits, isolated, judgmental, and hatred of cliques. He is the disease that would bring down spirits of others on Kwajalein and would never be a fit. Holden would want nothing to do with Kwaj Kids since they act as complete opposites of his ruthless traits. His personality would never be able to adjust to Kwaj standards, making him an even stronger outsider. He would shift further and further away until death. From Holden Caulfield’s three repulsive traits he would never be a normally functioning Kwaj
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