Catcher In The Rye Literary Analysis

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In the novel, “ The Catcher in The Rye”, written by J.D. Salinger, uses symbolism, cruelty, and deception to help convey a very strong portrayal of loss of innocence. This novel tells the story of a teenager named Holden Caulfield and his crazy journey on how he ended up in a mental institution. Caulfield starts off by describing how he flunked all of his classes in his private school and was going to get expelled. He decides to run away to a hotel in New York City where he then calls up a prostitute to try and lose his V-card to. He ends up not doing anything with her and realizes that she is about his age and he just wants to talk to her instead. He still pays her in full in spite of this, but is later confronted by her pimp and is mugged of his remaining cash. He then feels it would be a good idea to go and kick it with his little sister, someone that he’s always able to speak his mind to. He then tells her arguably the most important saying in the book, “Anyway, I keep picturing all these little kids playing in this…show more content…
Despite this, Caulfield knows that this is inevitable and these children will unfortunately become adults, and will no longer be genuine, pure human beings in his eyes, but wants to reinforce the fact that childhood happens once and that they should enjoy it. In the final analysis this book is very well written and is full of symbolism and has not made me smile in

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