Catcher In The Rye Ocd Analysis

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In Session I, Holden displays signs of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). throughout the session, he tells me about his day and the events that took place, but he seems to always be fixated on things that seem out of place or messy. Holden goes on to tell me about how Ackley purposely misplaced his items when he visited his room: "He must've picked up that goddam picture and looked at it at least five thousand times since I got it. He always put it back in the wrong place, too, when he was finished. He did it on purpose. You could tell" (Salinger Ch.3). Holden shows signs of OCD through his fixation on placement of things and items in his life. He seems so focused on the fact that Ackley had put his picture in the "wrong place". He goes on in his story saying "He did it on purpose", though did Ackley do it on purpose. The fact is that Holden is way too focused on the misplacement of items than his grades or others feelings.

Session II (Ch. 4-7)
In Session II, Holden displays more signs of OCD. Holden tells me begins the session continuing his story of Stradlater and him in the Can, but finishes by telling me about his decision to leave Pencey Prep for a hotel in New York. When Holden decides to
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He is having reoccurring thoughts of one thing. As mentioned in previous sessions, he is having thoughts about Jane. “I might give old Jane another buzz and see if she was home yet” (Salinger Ch. 18). Holden shows reoccurring thoughts for Jane, he is displaying many signs of anxiety and is not able to push these thoughts behind him. He is generating fear, because he is recalling pointless relationships he can not keep. Throughout our session he tells me about relationships he tries to make when he is drunk. When a person is drunk, they tend to not think straight, but in Holden’s case, he just wants a person to help him cope with his struggles in his life. Since his parents did not help
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