Catcher In The Rye Old Spencer Quotes

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Quote #5: In J.D Salinger's Catcher In The Rye, the speaker of this quotation is Old Spencer and he is speaking to Holden. This quotation suggests Holden's dislike about growing up into the adulthood and taking one step into maturity. During this conversation, Holden is receiving advice from his old teacher after explaining that he is getting kicked out from Pencey Prep. The word life is repeated twice to emphasize Old Spencer's wittiness and how he is experienced on what life really is about. It's significant to know that Holden deems Old Spencer's advice as phony because he doesn't agree with the rules of life. This quotation helps readers understand Holden's motives on much of his dislikes in things because he believes that he is on the unfair side of the game. In the end Old Spencer wants Holden to conform to the rest of society, but of course Holden's unique perspective on life causes him to disregard what Old Spencer says. Quote #4: In J.D Salinger's Catcher In The Rye, the speaker of…show more content…
This quotation takes place after Holden decided to find Phoebe, but then begins to walk to the museum knowing that she would not be there. This quote is important to the overall theme because it describes Holden's desire to preserve his childhood innocence. The descriptiveness of the quote emphasizes how Holden likes how nothing changes in a museum in contrast to human beings. His liking for the immobile objects connects to Holden's isolation from society. He sees these objects as independent objects who doesn't depend on anything else which relates to why he has a dislike for many people and things. Holden doesn't want to be forced to transition into another stage of his live because he enjoys being a child which is why he likes the museum. The museum will forever remain unchanged because "nobody moves" (Holden), and that is how Holden views his life should
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