Catcher In The Rye Special Places Analysis

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Danielle Catcher in the Rye 7-8 Journal Special Place (Home is where the heart is) A special place in my point of view, is a place where I feel at home, and where I am with people I care about. I think my perception is very similar to Holden's. Holden also likes the company of people he cares about, that is when ever he is with Phobe. Holden feels as if he's at home and he's in his special place when he is with his little sister Phobe. He really cares about her, and they will always be there for eachother. Phobe is one of the reasons that ultimately drove him home at the very end of the book. He had to get back to his special place, with his sister. My Special Place is my dorm, I can always rely on it to be there when other places can’t be accessed. I visit my dorm every week, everyday and everynight. It has…show more content…
My bestfriends, and my family from home. Most importantly I can really be myself in my special place. I can be myself without the judgement of anyone else, because is no one there to judge me. With my friends back at home, I know i can feel comfortable around them, we know each other all too well and there is no room and no need for judgement in our relationships. Holden has a special hat that we see him wearing throughout the book, Holden's red hunting hat symbolizes how different he is, it shows how he strays away from everyone else. He is also very self-conscious about the hat and he only wears it where he isn't going to see anyone he knows. He wears it with no problem around Phobe, because he can be himself around her. He can be his unique self, without judgement. When he is with Phobe it's special, and he feels at home, that's why he's able to do things he wouldn't do normally around people he knows. Holden doesn’t seem to visit this special place or any kind homelike atmosphere very often and he lacks time with the people who care about him the most, the people who make his day and give him
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