Catcher In The Rye Suitcases Analysis

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Suitcases identify Holden in the novel The Catcher in the Rye. This identity of wealth shows an existential problem Holden, and everyone has. Let me ask you this; Are you secretly proud of something? Whether it be wealth or a sport. Something you do not brag about, but you are still proud of. Do you ever feel embarrassed about this thing; like you should feel bad for those who do not have what you have, or inclined that you should give this thing away? But when those people who are jealous of you have the same thing you have, you feel angry because they should be jealous of you? You are not alone. Every single person has this problem, but especially Holden. In Holden’s instance, his problem is evident because of his experience with Dick Slagle…show more content…
They have very inexpensive looking suitcases and do not know what to do with them. Holden is immediately disgusted. He could tell that the bags are not made of genuine cowhide leather (like the ones he has). Although he is disgusted, Holden continues to guide them with their suitcases. His immediate judgment to the suitcases shows the manipulative side of Holden; the spendthrift who only likes nice things. Him continuing to help the nuns with their suitcases shows the guilt Holden has; when he offers to pay a ‘small’ contribution of ten dollars to the nuns. At first, the nuns were a little confused. They kept reassuring Holden to make sure he could afford a contribution of ten dollars. He tells them This results in the nuns thanking Holden a lot, which he thinks this is quite…show more content…
Dick Slagle and Holden form a love-hate relationship. Slagle has very inexpensive suitcases which he is embarrassed about. His embarrassment results in hiding his own suitcases and removing Holden’s, so he seems wealthy. Holden states it depressed the “holy hell” out of him. He acclaimed, “…I kept wanting to throw mine out or something or even trade with him” (Salinger 141). Him wanting to throw out or trade his suitcases shows the guilt Holden has. He feels bad for his roommate but did not like how snotty he was. This is because Slagle used the word ‘bourgeois’. Nevertheless, Holden misses Slagle when they are not roommates. Right before, Holden states he could not look at someone with inexpensive suitcases, yet he wanted to throw out his expensive suitcases. The love-hate relationship Holden feels for his suitcases represents Holden’s the two
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