Catcher In The Rye Tradlater Analysis

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In the novel The Catcher in The Rye, there are many interesting characters, including the protagonist Holden Caulfield and the relatively minor character Stradlater. Their vary from one another in their attitudes towards academics, relationships, and in their sanity

While it is may be said that Stradlater and Holden behave similarly regarding academics, they do differ ever so slightly. Holden for one has a deplorable work ethic as he openly states on pg. 13 “That his only interests in school were in English and one semester of History.” He also it may be said, cares very little about his grades, and has failed to meet the mark in many of his previous schools. Likewise, Stradlater is shown to be slothful in regards to working on any of his
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For example, Holden thinks of a relationship as being something sacred that cannot be casually thrown around. We see this in his attitudes towards the people at the Edmont Hotel deeming them to be degenerates due to what he views as casual behavior. Also, Holden has a certain naivety towards women as tends to idealize them as evidenced by Jane. Stradlater is the antithesis, in using common slang the man is a player, as Holden describes on pg. 27, he takes a mild view towards sex and is very charismatic towards…show more content…
Stradlater is a narcissist and puts on an arrogant air when dealing with people like Holden, affecting an aura of subtle scorn and disinterest. Holden meanwhile, has gone completely insane, which is understandable considering everything that has happened to him. His insanity is very unique in that it yearns and craves stagnation, Holden expresses admiration for the museum on pg. 154 as “it never changes”. He dreams of being the “Catcher In The Rye” towards children keeping them in a state of perpetual childhood to shield them from the horrors of this
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