Catcher In The Rye Vs Pleasantville Essay

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Catcher In The Rye by J.D. Salinger and the movie Pleasantville directed by Gary Ross are related in a variety of ways. For instance the main characters in both stories look at the world and see how phony it looks to them. Holden's first mention of phonies is with Mr. Spencer. "Phony" is a word Holden uses to characterize insincere people and their language. Phonies, like his fellow students, are more interested in playing a part or looking good than in doing or saying anything honest. Seeing that every single person in that town has a familiar routine to follow every day. They don’t change anything about their routine. It is something they have always stuck to, every day of their lives is what Pleasantville is all about. In addition, both the novel and the movie, the sexuality of the era is oppressed by society. All three of the main characters in both the novel and the movie look and the world that they are in and see how phony and fake it is. In the movie Pleasantville, the main characters are in a modern world and they get transported to a TV show in the past, all of…show more content…
Holden oppresses himself when the prostitute comes over by instead of having sex with her he tells her to leave and he will still pay for her fee, this proves that Holden pretends to be a sex maniac while oppressing his sexuality. Holden also states that with all of his girlfriends he could have “given them the time” but whenever they said stop, he would, thus sating his oppression and that he thinks that sex is morally wrong at his age. “I’ve had quite a few opportunities to lose my virginity and all, but I’ve never got around to it yet” (92). This shows that Holden oppresses himself form his sexuality. All in all the main characters of both stories at one time were sexually
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