Catching Hell Film Analysis

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On “October 14, 2003”(Steve Bartman Incident-Wikipedia), Steve Bartman made a mistake that would change his life for good. Alex Gibney made a documentary called “Catching Hell” to explain how one man deserves an apologize from “40,000” (“Catching Hell”) Cub fans for an act that was only human. Many people think Steve Bartman needs to apologize for what he did to the Cubs and their fans, but Alex Gibney has disagreed with the fans. There could be consequences and it could have made the matter even worse than it was. The media would heighten their stories and make rumors of Steve. There is always a possibility for Steve to not be forgiven by the fans. Steve would risk his life coming out into the public’s eye once more. He could get more death threats from fans who still hold a grudge with Bartman. Steve wants to be in hiding and be divulged in his identity. Alex made clear for everyone who watches his documentary, that Steve’s life would never be the same until the media and fans apologized for what they did to Steve. There is a quote in the documentary stated by Alex Gibney, “There were a lot of fans that were being pretty unfair…show more content…
There were many emotions Steve felt that I could almost feel myself while watching. If a baseball was flying over to you, would you try to catch it or just let the precious object fall? Everyone would do the obvious choice in this situation and try to catch the ball. There were others in the crowd by Bartman, who were trying to reach for the ball. Alex brought in some of those fans into his documentary and it helped support his point about the fans apologizing to Steve for attempting what any Cub fan would do, try to catch that thousand dollar
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