Categorical Evil

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The predisposition that evil is the nature of mankind is a categorical truth. Arguers with this statement would state that there is kindness and light in everybody. These romantic critics are too naive to believe what is right in front of them in day to day life. Although these ignorant statements are true, it is very hard for a person to overcome their evil impulses. Not only it is hard but when they do, someone else inflicts evil upon them. The puritans were those who had it right. Puritans believed they were born totally depraved with the original sin, showing that evil is the nature of men and they had it all correct. They believed everyone had sin and it took an extraordinary person to overcome their evil impulses. The innocent persons…show more content…
Christopher Kyle was the most lethal sniper in American history. Chris purposefully risked his life and put himself in danger to save fellow Americans, some of which don 't even appreciate what the military does for them. Although some may believe it is hateful and evil for him to kill people, it was to protect those he cared about. He had to perform evil acts himself to keep others safe. Although he is keeping them safe he is still killing others. In an interview on the Bill O’Reilly show in 2012, chris said “I 'm killing them to protect my fellow Americans.” After hearing that O’Reilly insisted that Kyle must have liked killing them, and he responded, “It’s not a problem taking out people that want your people dead...that’s not a problem at all” While saving others lives, he is also taking others away. He was motivated by defending the innocent members of his country. When chris finally returned home and ended his service, he had become named the most lethal sniper in american history. After saving countless american lives, he was truly respected and appreciated. After saving so many lives, Chris was murdered by a fellow veteran on a shooting range. He was one of those people who knew what kyle had been through and he still decided to take his life, an evil act to impose on someone who was one of the few who understood what he had been through. Not only did Chris protect his country, but he had to kill to do so, and his life ended with him being killed by one of his own
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