Catharine Baker Case Study

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The target audience we approached was decision maker, Catharine Baker. Catharine Baker is a Republican, California Assembly Member who is currently the elected assembly member for district 16. We presented AB 2590, Restorative Justice Act. We presented with the intent to influence and educate decision maker Baker with the hopes of her supporting this bill. Catharine Baker was born on May 1, 1971 in Cathedral City, California. Assembly member Baker attended U.C. Berkley School of Law earning her J.D. She became an attorney supporting small businesses and local charities. In addition, she is known as a volunteer in her community having previously served on a local preschool board. Baker was involved heavily in local schools serving as a Vice President of the Dougherty Elementary School Site Council, Chair of the school safety committee, and various other school improvement committees (Catharine Baker Assembly Member, California’s 16th District, n.d.). Assembly member Baker was elected to the Assembly in 2014. Currently, Assembly member Baker is the Vice-Chair of the Assembly Higher Education Committee. Other committees Assembly baker is involved in include Transportation, Business and Professions, Privacy and Consumer Protection, and the Joint Legislative Audit Committee (Catharine Baker Assembly Member,…show more content…
He is known for his other roles as being a president of the Western Interstate Region. He is currently the Vice-Chair of Natural Resources and Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials. In addition, Brian Dahle is involved in several committees and affiliations (Brian Dahle Assembly Member, California’s 1st district, n.d.). Assembly member Dahle continues to support multiple AB bills. Some of the AB bills he supports are AB 2213-Medi-Cal: non-designated public hospitals, AB 1980-Memorial to California firefighters: modifications, and AB 1845-Protected species: take rough sculpin (Ballotpedia,
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