Cathay Pacific: Case Study: Management Policy And Strategy

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B399 Management Policy And Strategy TMA2 S10898765 Chan Yu Kit Question 1 A) Create favorable conditions for successful diversification Related diversification Excess capacity in distribution systems, production facilities, or research operations. Great potential to create value from transferable resources and practical skills. Excess resources from general management. Honda Motor Company is a good example of using related diversification through the core competency. While Honda is best known for its cars and trucks, the company actually began in the motorcycle business. By competing in this business, development and construction of small and reliable Honda engine unique ability. When management decided to diversify into…show more content…
Cathay Pacific has invested over one billion US dollars, at the Hong Kong International Airport - more than any other company. This includes its headquarters, Cathay Pacific City, serving nearly 4,000 permanent employees and more than 5,000 cabin and cockpit crew development. Cathay Pacific is committed to technical excellence of products and services. This is one of the first airlines to provide e-mail machine. It also provides online ticketing and check-in, you can download the schedule and notiFLY flight paging service, which provides real-time flight information updates via e-mail or phone to customers. IPermit plan, Taiwan, Hong Kong residents to apply for a visa through the Internet and from Hong Kong International Airport after collecting them. Its inflight entertainment system offers more than 20 video channels and audio / video-on-demand system, First and Business Class passengers. It is 80,000 travel industry professionals World Travel Awards 2003 for voting "for use on the world's leading machine

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