Cathay Pacific Strategic Analysis

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Strategic Analysis of Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. 1. Introduction Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. (C.P.) was established in 1940’s in Hong Kong, and has been well-known as proficiency and security. Meanwhile, Cathay Pacific still remains significantly dedicating on its domestic market Hong Kong, besides, it will introduce other supplementary 72 brand-new aircraft by 2024 (Cathay Pacific Annual Report, 2015). Altogether, there are maximum 33, 000 employees are concurrently cooperating underneath the Cathay Pacific syndicate cross-nationally, and there are approximately 25,000 in Hong Kong. The corporation is on the list of the program “The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited”, as Air China and Swire Pacific respectively representing a considerable…show more content…
Hong Kong has the geographic advantage to enter the Asia market. 4.2 Threats Despite Cathay Pacific is one of the foremost players in the airlines industry in Asia-Pacific, there are still powerful competitors such as Singapore Airlines, Qatar, and Emirates Airlines. And the fee of fuel is its most significant ratio of the fixed expenses for these. According to data from the financial report of 2015, the fuel cost of Cathay and Dragonair was about HK$ 16,619 million, declined by 11.6%, in contradiction of the 2014’s. However, it was due to the dramatical slump from 2014 (Cathay Pacific Annual Report, 2015). 4.3…show more content…
Hence it has to differentiate itself superior in other scopes. But P.C. is the youngest underneath 10 years old with continuously updating hardware, e.g. there are upcoming 80 aircraft. And its premium advertising strategy differentiates its public image as “the Heart of Asia” (Cathaypacific, 2016). 4.4 Weaknesses HK has a historic westernized context, but remains oriental-thinking in response to the aspect of organizational culture and norms. Thereby, in terms of this, misunderstanding could possibly be generated as it is operating in a multi-national platform. 5.0 Strategic

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