Cathedral Short Story And Film: The Cathedral

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The Cathedral short story and the film went two different routes when telling the story. In the reading, I felt as if the husband was being a jerk, jealous, and ignorant about the blind man and the relationship between his wife and the blind man. I could tell that the husband was not too fond of the blind man by reading the first three paragraphs. The way the husband started off the first sentence with “this blind man” as if the blind man did not have a name and. On the other hand, in the beginning of the film the husband seems a little bothered that the blind man was coming over and spending the night. I could see that it bothered him that this man that his wife knew was coming over just by sucking his teeth forcefully while drinking a glass…show more content…
For example, in the story the plot was linear because the husband told the story about how his wife was married to another man before him and how she needed a job and began working for the blind man. The husband also told the audience about the tapes that his wife and the blind man used to send back to each other. In the story, I could follow along with the plot because I knew what was coming up next and with the details that the husband gave I had a better understanding about the history. However, in the film the plot was elliptical because the film started off with the husband on the sofa watching TV and his wife in the kitchen preparing dinner. The dialogue between husband’s wife and the blind man when he told the story about his wife Beulah was more touching then hearing it from the husband. Then the dialogue between the husband and blind man was more awkward then the short story because I could see how the husband was uncomfortable being around the blind man without his wife. Also, the husband didn’t go into details on how the two met, or how she was married to another man, and only told the part of the story when the blind man asked to touched her face.
In conclusion, the Cathedral story and the film went two different routes when telling the story about the blind man but also had some similarities that correspond with the story. However, if I had to choose which one it would be the short story because I felt the story gave me more details and I could picture how the husband felt about the blind man coming
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