Symbols In Cathedral Essay

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Without the symbolism that much of the art contains in cathedrals, the cathedral would hold no theological weight. By definition, symbolism is the portrayal of specific events and concepts using images (Inc., 2013). When looking at stained glass windows that bare illustration, symbolism becomes a major part of analysis. Richard Stemps (2016) proposes the glass itself owns deeps relationships with light, broadening the theological nuances to the glass subjects (p. 36). This idea steams from the biblical verses that were used earlier (Rev. 21:5; 19). Stemps adds, just as Mary gave birth to Jesus, the man who was the light of the world, she prevailed a virgin. Likewise, light too can pass through glass as the glass remains unchanged. However,…show more content…
When referring to numbers, one should look for a quantity of an element or symbol rather than the number itself (Taylor, 2005, p.13). In the Bible and Christian art, the number one serves as the oneness of God, leadership and unity. The number two is extensively used in two different trains of thought. First, two can represent commitment and thus unity and love. On the contrary, it can also symbolize disagreement and therefore a split of two parties (Dare, 2017). Taylor (2005) further proposes the number two refers to both natures of Jesus: divine and human, or to the Old and New Testaments (p. 13). The number three is largely used to exemplify unity and divinity, which is found in the Trinity (Dare, 2017). As already stated in dealing with the square, the number four indicates earthly characteristics because there are said to be four corners of earth (Rev. 7:1). Hence, this number speaks of universality and completeness (Johnston, 1990, p. 61). Four can also represent the four evangelists (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John), however, they are more commonly represented with their own physical image and will be discussed in the next
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