Catherine Beecher's The Yankee Girl

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1. Analyze the authors views of women 's roles and woman 's nature
The short story “the Yankee Girl” by Catherine Beecher is an anthology written in the 19th century and is a reflection of the values of her times. She herself became financially independent by becoming a successful writer and gave some of the best literary works in American history. She was herself very enthusiastic about the favoring the women’s rights and was pro-feminism. She extensively wrote against the evils of slavery but all her works had an element of the women. She was of the view that women must be given equal status as men. She herself was brought up in an atmosphere that encouraged equity between the genders and even after her marriage she was encouraged in her writing by her husband.
She places women in the context of the times but never did she let of the ideals of feminism which she stood by. Although she wrote more than one and half century ago and the ideas of feminism have transformed repeatedly since then but even then she realized the importance of freeing the women of the shackles of inequality.
She says that the every age has a definite set of criteria against which all womanhood is judged. The criteria might differ from country to country but every society has a definite picture of an ideal woman like the English compared an ideal woman to a lily while French to Tulip. But she emphasized the inherent freedom of choice in her characters like Mary in the Yankee girl

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