Catherine Foster Character Analysis

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In Jon Hassler Grand Opening, Catherine Foster is righteous in her actions but is not given the means to obtain it. After a while, Catherine shows an interest in Wallace Flint’s companionship and wants what 's best for him. While Catherine went downstairs to put a kettle on for tea and spoke to Hank Foster, “It was a stroke of luck, Wallace volunteering work for nothing more than a meager supply of groceries. She argues on Wallace’s behalf: he would help us get acquainted with the villagers. Seeing he knew every last person in town, everything about them.” (29) Catherine shows deep care for Wallace by getting him the job and improving his productivity. Catherine sees that even though the Fosters don 't quite have the funds to support another employee. Mrs. Foster pushes for his labor owing to the fact that she enjoys him all around as a person. Catherine’s righteous soul shines through because she is doing what she deems moralistically just to uplift Wallace’s fruitless lifestyle. Mrs. Foster invests in her relationship with Wallace because she thinks it…show more content…
Unfortunately, these characteristics lead to her overall distress. As Stan Kimball addresses the market he continues to say, “ I hate to say it, Hank, but Catherine getting mixed up in politics is the the worst thing that could happen to you. Your business is bound to suffer.” (250) Stan Kimball attempted to make his ignorance sound like he had the markets best interests at heart. Catherines bravely and righteousness intimidates a lot of people. Mrs. Foster is talked down on by the people of Plum because she lives how they want and Plum’s citizens envy her aura. A normal way human conduct is to resent something that is unusual to you. As young children, we are open-minded but the world conditions us to reject what is unfamiliar to

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