Midterm Part III: Catherine Mccauley's Sisters Of Mercy

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Midterm Part III: Catherine McCauley Essay 200 years from present day, Catherine McCauley found a passion for helping those who are left helpless and impoverished. She used compassion and her sense of duty to found the Sisters of Mercy and change the lives of a multitude of people around the globe. Founder of a plethora of Mercy schools, Catherine never faltered in her mission to provide those in need with the amount of faith and virtue that was essential in bringing hope to those she touched. Catherine McCauley first used zeal to apply her passion to her mission. As defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary, Zeal is “eagerness and ardent interest in pursuit of something.” Catherine chose this virtue because in order to achieve success in one’s mission, a passion to help is crucial. Throughout her life, she showed that its necessary to care about those around you. This is also important for the Sisters of Mercy because without the emphasis on zeal, there would be no motivation for change to occur. Zeal is also important in the effort to help the impoverished because without it, the ill and the poor would never receive the help they so desperately needed. Most people in society would ignore a homeless person’s cry for help or money, but Catherine, as well as the Sisters of Mercy, would be eager to help.…show more content…
She is mostly suspected of finding charity important because it is the generosity towards the suffering. The Sisters of Mercy have aided largely in the help for those who were denied education, and who were destitute in their daily lives. By caring for donating to those who suffered from extreme poverty, Catherine McCauley and the Sisters of Mercy embodied charity as a means to live out their life’s purpose. Charity is also important for the everyday Catholic, because we are taught to treat each human with utmost respect and love, including those in

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