Catholic Church Characteristics

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In every church that we go the a certain quality’s that we see. But for a church to be catholic it needs to have 4 certain qualities this qualities are due to Christ and the Holy Spirit. This quality that the church needs to have can be also be challenges. In the history of the bible it has show that many people and churches have suffered because they haven’t followed this quality and completed the challenges. This four qualities comes form the catholic recite, that says we believe in one holy catholic and apostolic. This word help identify there for marks of the church that are one, holy, catholic and apostolic. These four marks helps strength the faith of Catholics and the church.
The first mark of the church is One. This mark is to the show the source of unity in the church. This unity comes from the holy trinity that is present in the church. The trinity is the best example of unity and how the church embodies that, is one. Another reason for the church to be holy is found in the message of the founder Jesus Christ. Jesus wants the church to be united with the church. Jesus
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Catholic has two meanings that are general or universal. The church is catholic because through out history it has been present in all places and people. The church followed the explorers and spread Christianity to make it universal and stays to there believe. The church lets anyone be there and feel gods presence it doesn’t matter his or her culture are identity the church will embrace you. Christ helps the church universal by his presence there and his messages. Sometimes the church challenged this mark catholic, sometimes there were intolerant and discriminating. But now as is see in the church it is universal. For example a few weeks ago the priest from my church was embracing a very poor person to come in to the church and be part of it. Everyone embraced him and helped him with some money. This was when i knew that my church believed in the third
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