Catholic Church In The Middle Ages

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Introduction: The Roman Catholic Church was undoubtedly one of the largest and most dominating powers in the whole world, especially in Europe. During the Middle Ages, the Church’s influence extended so far to the point that it controlled and supervised the people’s physical and spiritual morality, philosophy, religion, and even education. For centuries, this large institution has played a major and dominant role in the history of many countries and civilizations; additionally, the Church provided a sense of unity for the people, especially during the Dark Ages. Throughout the Middle Ages, the Roman Catholic Church’s influence had a huge impact to the people and was seen as the ray of hope, mainly because the Church preserved knowledge and books during the Dark Ages where education and learning were almost non-existent. Despite all these, however, the Church was, at the same time, scandalous and committed a large number of heinous and immoral acts throughout the course of its reign of power; most of which involved the Pope and how he ruled as the leader of the Roman Catholic Church. After reading this, you will be able to witness the vile atrocities executed by the Roman Catholic Church under the corrupt leadership of the Pope; in fact, Joseph Hilaire Pierre René Belloc, an Anglo-French writer and historian, once described the Roman Catholic Church as "an institute run with such knavish imbecility.” As a disclaimer, this paper does not aim to simply list down all the
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