Catholic Church Reformation Essay

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Although instances were seen before 1517 where people asked for a reform of the Catholic church in order to manage its corruption and control, the start of the rise of Reformation can be directly linked to 1517, Germany, and a man named Martin Luther. Martin Luther was an individual who believed and preached out the idea that people deserved religious and political freedom. He pushed forward the idea that anybody who felt as though they were being abused by the church didn’t need to continue on that way, and that all who wished to have more control were deserving of them. Luther saw a large problem in the way the church abused its power in the name of God and how they specifically partook in dishonest indulgences. The Reformation allowed the…show more content…
The change was being felt throughout other areas, including Switzerland and France. With the occurrence of Reformation in the 16th century, a lot of success can be related to the mindset that people were in. Previous attempts at bringing up reformation hadn’t worked because people didn’t have the problems with the church that they did by the time the 16th century came around. Truly, the Reformation needed to occur in the 16th century. Otherwise, it very well may not have had the same effect at a different time, and it wouldn’t have caused the same amount of change. Unfortunately, the Catholic Church didn’t like the idea of people breaking away and going to other denominations. They also didn’t like the loss in indulgences as people realized that they didn’t need to pay to free their loved ones from purgatory or be released of sin. So, the church came up with the idea of Counter-Reformation, and then it created the Council of Trent which both held to the idea of bringing back Catholicism and fighting the spread of Protestantism. There was also the start of the Jesuits who wanted to spread Christianity and went to further out areas, like India, to spread their
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