Catholic Pilgrims: The Crusades Benefited Their Life To Christianity

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• Catholic crusaders sacrificed their lives to Christianity
• Catholics were hugely influenced and dominated by the Church, this caused them to practice Christianity more often, it was not usual for Catholics to pray 5 times a day
• Many people 's daily jobs were run by Church officials
• Catholics payed 10% of their wage to the Catholic Church, decreasing their prosperity
• Serfs and pilgrims were given freedom by going on the Crusades
• By the fourteenth century the Crusades had become an essential part of every Catholic noble knight 's career
• As a result of the Muslims, Christians were able to access texts, like the Aristotle, so the Muslims clearly passed on an intellectual heritage
• The political system was changed from
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• To liberate the sacred city of Jerusalem, the Holy Land and the Holy Sepulchre from the Muslims
• To strengthen and increase the Papacy’s and Catholic 's Church’s influence over all Christians but particularly in Europe
• To harness the violent energy of the Christian knights into the one cause of "penitential warfare" Main Point: • The crusading movement involved men and women from every country in Europe and brought tremendous change to the Church 's wealth and influence, Church 's practices and teachings and Catholic 's daily lives but especially from the Church and

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