Catholic Reformation And The Protestant Reformation

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The event we researched is called the Count. Ref. It could also be called the Catholic Reformation or Catholic Revival. The Count. ref. began with the formation of the Council of Trent, which was created by Pope Paul 111 in 1545. It ended near the beginning of the 30 years war. The main reason the CR was created was to reform the Church, but it also tried to fight back against the Protestant Reformation and stop its spreading. The PR was a religious movement that was initially aimed at reforming the Catholic Church but later tried to end its practices. In this way, the Protestant Reformation played a major role as a cause in the formation of the CR. EXPLAIN PICS Slide 2(GO QUICK) Because of this reason, the CR was created mainly for religious reasons. The CR was intended to fight back against the PR. In order to do so, the Council of Trent, who acted as the center of the CR by meeting on and off throughout the years, also had to reform the Church itself in order to stop the corruption that had allowed the PR to be created in the 1st place. This is why the CR could also be called the Cath. R, or the CR(explain why)…show more content…
Reforming the Catholic Church would strengthen it and help it stop Protestantism from spreading. The Council of Trent also tried to spread the Catholic faith to new lands and people The CR could also be considered to be created due to political reasons because the Church tried to regain power in Europe through gaining back lands that had become Protestant. Slide
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