Catholic Sacrifice In The Holocaust

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Catholic sacrifices in the Holocaust
Imagine,you are walking out of your community church in a small town in Germany,when out of nowhere, green police swarm and arrest you priest because he was rejecting Nazi practices. This article is about the sufferings of the entire catholic church during the holocaust.The catholic church was known as group that was helpful to the Jews, for this reason the church, and its members, were constant targets for the Nazis. Many Catholics made the ultimate sacrifice in order to protect Jews.
Many catholics were persecuted by the Nazis because they spoke out against the Nazis, and hid Jews. In order to stop the catholic church from rebelling, The Nazis took away many rights that the church had.When 1933 began, about 400 daily catholic news letters existed in Germany, and by 1935, there were none. By 1939, over 10,00 catholic schools had been shut
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Edith Stein was born into a Jewish family (This is the reason the Nazis targeted her). When she was thirty years old, she was baptized into the catholic church, and ten years later she entered the carmelite order. Shortly afterwards she entered a convent in Germany, but was moved to a convent in Holland with her sister.When the Nazis took Holland, they arrested Edith and her sister. However, before getting moved to Auschwitz, Edith said, ” Fear not sister, for we are going to our people”. This shows that she wasn’t afraid of death by the Nazis.
These are only some of the stories of catholic heroes that rejected the Nazis. Once the church started to rebel, the Nazis took away many of the catholics rights. Fr. Maximilian Kolbe is one of the most known saints of the Holocaust because of his heroic acts. Along with many other catholics, Edith Stein wasn’t afraid of torture by the Nazis. The reason for all this suffering was because the catholic church showed the Jews compassion. and in the end catholic saved about 900,000 Jewish
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