Catholic School Goals

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Catholic school is important to me because we learn about Jesus and God. In my religion class we learn more about our Catholic faith such as the forty days of Lent, Jesus carrying the cross, when Jesus was born, and why He was born. At my Catholic school, we get to go to church often and we go to church to say the rosary, and soon we will make our First Communion. Attending a Catholic school is also important to me because we are learning about Jesus Christ and that He died for our sins so that we are forgiven. I have heard that in some schools they do not get to talk about God and they are not even able go to church. At Sacred Heart there are so many beautiful statues, many Mary statues, crosses, and other statues. These icons are reminders keeping Jesus and God on my mind. I love going to Sacred Heart because we learn about Jesus and when Jesus rose from the dead and Thomas said I will not think it is true until I feel the holes where the nails went. But I think it is true and I did not see. I really like my teachers at Sacred Heart and I really like going to Sacred Heart School.…show more content…
I am a very enthusiastic person and it is an academic goal to continue learning to show my enthusiasm at the right time and answer questions at the right time. I have an academic goal to continue to have good listening in class. Math is my favorite class and I have an academic goal to keep doing better and better in math. To continue to improve my grades from progressing to independent is a goal of mine. This year we have read a lot more books and I have really started to enjoy reading, I want this to
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