Catholic Schools Vs Public Schools Essay

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Many people would rather send their children to public schools, because it’s government funded. However catholic schools have attributes that most public schools don’t have. Catholic schools have religion. Most public schools never address the topic of religion. Also catholic schools have a great teacher-student relationship. The teachers make sure every student is attentive and understands the lesson they are teaching. Catholic schools like Our Lady of Mercy are special. They have sense of warmth and are like a home away from home. Catholic Schools make people feel welcomed and appreciated. Overall catholic schools provide an experience you can not get from a public school.
Catholic schools teach their students religion. Public schools never address the topic of religion. Catholic schools teach the students about morals and the difference between right and wrong. They teach the young pupils about their
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Many public schools have an average size of about thirty students in one class. In Our Lady of Mercy the largest class is about thirty students. My class has twenty-three students. In my opinion this is a great advantage. The teacher can easily teach the class and help students who do not understand the lesson. Also my small class is like a family. I feel like the smaller the class the easier the teacher can teach. In catholic schools you are never afraid to approach the teachers with an issue you have. If you seek advice the teacher are always there for you. They let you know that they care for your well being. Truly all the teacher in my school care for you. If they know you are having trouble, they will offer to help you. They help you when your are struggling in a subject. The teachers also help you with your personal life. If anything horrible were to happen to you, they would rush to make sure you’re okay. Catholic schools teachers always make sure that you are safe and not falling
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