Catholic Social Principles

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Catholic teachings are strongly rooted in principles of morality, equality, and fairness. The Catholic Social Thought lays down the foundation for every Catholic's life that is centered around equality, justice and human wisdom acquired over the centuries. The 9 principles of the Catholic Social Thought allow us to act as vicegerents of God by promoting peace and love for all His creations and ensuring that all of our actions prove to be beneficial not only to ourselves but also to our community. These teachings are all centered around the sanctity of every human life and how we are all a part of a community. Therefore, in order to prosper and live a contented life as an individual, it is important to think of the community as well. When every…show more content…
It is our duty to love and care for every single one. Animal cruelty, desecration of the mother nature, etc. all go against the stewardship of creation.

Promotion of Peace
In line with the other principles of the Catholic Social Thought, this principle too promotes the dignity and sanctity of every human life. As God’s special creation, it is necessary for us to take every measure to promote peace and curb violence. A peaceful environment will promote a better lifestyle for the individuals and a better living standard for the community as a whole. It is the government and authority figures’ responsibility to take appropriate measures that limit violence, injustice, and cruelty and promote peace and prosperity for all.

This principle states that it is the responsibility of every community member to participate in the decision-making process and to play their part in making the community and the world, in general, a better place for human beings to coexist alongside each other, and other creations of God. This will instill an idea of belonging in the individuals and will result in the formation of stronger unity and solidarity among the
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