Essay On The Importance Of Catholic Education

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Teachers help their students to develop specific knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes. However, the Catholic educator is more than the imparter of content-based knowledge, they are to be transparent witnesses to Christ and to the beauty of the gospel.
The Church stated in Lay Catholics in Schools: Witness to Faith(1982) that teachers in Catholic schools “bring to life in the students the communitarian dimension of the human person… [as] every human being is called to live in a community, as a social being, and as a member of the people of God” (Donlevy 2007). The Congregation for Catholic Education in Consecrated Persons and Their Mission in Schools (no. 54) stated that consecrated persons, together with other educators, but with greater responsibility, are often called to
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Educating is not a profession but an attitude, a way of being; in order to educate it is necessary to step out of ourselves and be among young people, to accompany them in the stages of their growth and to set ourselves beside them. Give them hope and optimism for their journey in the world. Teach them to see the beauty and goodness of creation and of man who always retains the Creator’s hallmark. But above all with your life be witnesses of what you communicate. Educators … pass on knowledge and values with their words; but their words will have an incisive effect on children and young people if they are accompanied by their witness, their consistent way of life. School can and must be a catalyst, it must be a place of encounter and convergence of the entire educating community, with the sole objective of training and helping to develop mature people who are simple, competent and honest, who know how to love with fidelity, who can live life as a response to God’s call, and their future profession as a service to

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