Cathy Bevin Case Study

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Introduction Cathy Bevin was born as the secant oldest of four children on April 8 1954, to a farmer and his wife. She married in her eerily twenties to Daniel Bevin. They four children of her own Edith (Edie), Edwin (Eddy), Dawnita, and Keith (Kenny). Cathy had a close relationship with her older brother and help him raise his five children as well as her own four. Cathy has lived through the deaths of her parents, husband, older brother, grandson, two of her nephews and a baby nieces. She had up over the arrest of her youngest brother who served 15 years, in person on a charge no one speeks of, and the mutlble arrests of her two son’s for drug and petty crims. Her youngest is still serving a two year charge for reckless driving under the

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