Catlin College Case Study

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Catlin College is located in Zenith, Polis with a population of 52,500. Founded in the 1930’s to meet the educational needs of Zenith and Sullivan Valley, Catlin College was a two-year Junior College division of Ivy University. In the 1940’s, the Junior College became Catlin College, a four-year institution. Catlin College became independent and accredited in 1951 and offered graduate programs for the first time in the late 1960’s. Catlin has increased the scope to include more students from other states with 40% living on campus and 60% of the faculty earned doctorate degrees and 75% held terminal qualifications by 1990. The decrease in population, high school graduates, and the financial stability of Zenith are cause for concern.…show more content…
Overall, the president has enlisted the assistance of a diverse group of individuals. However, her commitment to the issue is questionable. The decision the change the name is a difficult and high stakes one. One would expect her to stay in the Cabinet meeting discussing the alternative designation instead of leaving for the Chamber of Commerce meeting. Ultimately, this is a board of directors decision. The president could use the SWOT analysis before making her recommendation. Additionally, there are several data bases available online to help her make these decisions such as, Transparency Market Research. The president should use The Strategy Change Cycle as a process to make this decision.

Using the information given, the recommendation would be to not change the name at this point. Catlin would be entering a competition with Universities. The move to a University is not only a change in name, but also in mission. The board has the important duty to decide if Catlin changes it name and therefore its mission. Catlin College should make changes to improve the education of the students, improve technology, and add the programs and personnel necessary to become a University before deciding to change the
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