Catline His Conspiracy Quote Analysis

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“The dignity of truth is lost with much protesting” pg 109 The overall message is of the original source is that a man named Cateline was a Roman Senator that tried to overthrow the Roman Republic. Ben Jonson, the author of the play “Catline: His Conspiracy”, uses this quote to show that arguing takes away from the truth. The quote impacts the conversation because Beatty is suggesting that Montag retain his dignity by not arguing. “Carcasses bleed at the sight of murder” pg 109 This quote is used in a the book by Robert Burton called Anatomy of Melancholy, which is about a “young couple 's attraction and distraction in a contemporary world” (IMDb). The meaning of the quote is that what goes around comes around. This quote impacts the conversation…show more content…
The relevance is that the government is telling people false statements, like you shouldn’t read or books should be burned in order for people to stop reading them. In the conversion, Beatty seems to be saying that he is putting words into Montag’s mouth that are diseased. “Knowledge is power!” pg 109 The source of this quote is from a series of essays called “Meditationes Sacrae” by Francis Bacon. The essay this quote is featured in is called The New Organon, which is about how Bacon is trying to develop a new philosophy. The significance to the conversation is that Montag uses this as a “reply” to say he has knowledge and power. “A dwarf on a giant 's shoulders sees the farthest of the two!” pg 109 There may be two sources to this quote, Anatomy of Melancholy by George Herbert, Isaac Newton and Robert Burton. But, it is also found in Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s essay The Friend. In the story Anatomy of Melancholy, Isaac Newton is telling his friend Robert Hooke that he is a dwarf and he gets the advantage from that. This quote is used in Fahrenheit 451 because Montag might be saying he is not very important, he can still change the
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