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Margaret Atwood’s seventh novel Cat’s Eye (1988) was published by McClelland and Stewart. Since its publication Atwood won several awards including the Coles Book of the Year Award, the Torgi Talking Book Award, the City of Toronto Book Award, the Canadian Book sellers Association Author of the Year Award, the Foundation for the Advancement of Canadian Letters in conjunction with the Periodical Marketers of Canada Book of the year Award furthermore she was also short-listed for the Bookers prize that year. Atwood besides became a writer-in-residence at Trinity University, Texas (Vijay Singh Mehta 29).

Cat’s Eye concerned with power politics in inters personal relationships. This novel demonstrates the relationship between women and the complexities between them where women often abuse or suppress each other. The novel actually
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Coral Ann Howells suggests that the novel ‘could be read as Atwood’s own retrospective glance back at the imaginative territory of her earlier fictions’ (Howells 2005, 110) in addition, Howells in her book The Cambridge Companion to Margaret Atwood (2006) states that Cat’s Eye is similar to t Atwood other novels such as Surfacing and Lady Oracle that it is not only a Kunstlerroman but Bildungsroman as well (182). In “Margaret Atwood’s Cat’s Eye” Marta Dvorák also argues that as a Kunstlerroman, Cat’s Eye depicts the development of the young artist (narrator-protagonist) and her relationship to her surrounding culture and society (303). On the other hand, Roberta White in “Northern Light: Margaret Atwood’s Cat’s Eye” claims that to date, Cat’s Eye
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