Cats In Ancient Egypt

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Cats, like dogs also had an important role in Ancient Egypt. They too were also seen as highly adored pets in the royal classes. Though dogs had more of a protecting and guarding role, cats were seen in the female role of a kingdom. It was very usual for a queen to have a series of cats as a sign of beauty and grace. "Several Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses were associated with cats, the most famous of which was the goddess called Bastet" (Ancient Egypt). The ancient Egyptian goddess had the body of a beautiful empress and the head of the feline animal, the cat. Bastet was known to take on many roles, as a female would in this time period. The goddess nickname was the 'household goddess,' because she was in required to take on the role of a mom to a long line of children, she was the goddess of exotic dancing, and it was Bastet's role to be a strong symbol of fertility. Because of the goddes strong connection to cats, cats would also be mummified and buried with their owners as the dogs were. The fascination of cats was quite popular in households. Dogs place in the household was for protection, but the role of a cat in an ancient Egyptian household was simply to be a pet. A companion to those in the family. Like dogs, cats did hunt, but their hunting was just for fun. It involved chasing after birds by the Nile or keeping an eye out for any rodents, like a ferret would do. Cats were brought into a royal family or any household initially to chase off snakes and the rodents. However, eventually cats had a greater significance to Egyptians. They would be believed to be animals of spiritual background and would be believe to be able to hold magic. Ancient Egyptians would keep the cats in the house for a sign of good luck, hoping that their…show more content…
Though the two leaders out of the chosen animals may been the cats and dogs, all of the animals gave meaning to a pharaohs
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