Cats In The Cradle Ageism Analysis

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“Cats in the Cradle” and “Eleanor Rigby”
In my view, in “Cats in the Cradle” and in “Eleanor Rigby,” the older people are presented negatively. The type of ageism in “Cats in the Cradle” is unintentional ageism because when the father calls his son and invites him for a visit, the son talks about his own problems. Furthermore, he tells his father; he will visit him if he finds the time and says, “Nice taking to you, goodbye.” This shows the son wanted to meet his father but he was busy in his own world. He did not have time to meet his father. The type of ageism shown in “Eleanor Rigby” is personal ageism. Just because Father McKenzie was old, no one would come near him or hear his sermon, even though he tried his best to do well. Yes, I feel
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For example, in “Away from Her”, Grant could not meet Fiona for the first thirty days of her stay in the nursing home, for her to adjust in the new environment. In “The Notebook,” Noah was compelled to have medicine regularly even though he did not want to, and Allie was restrained with the medications. She was not given any choices. It is all because of the institutional policies. In “Away from Her” and “The Notebook”, the older people are presented both negatively and positively. Both the movies show an obsessive link between aging and health. These movies show, the elderly being weak and cannot take care of themselves. In both the movies, “Away From Her” and “The Notebook”, cognitive decline is shown, which portray that older adults are forgetful and the fact that they are required constant assistance. Just because someone has aged, it does not mean their health will decline and they will be dependent on others. The movies portray older adults as struggling, yet still happy and content with each other. These movies, also show, aging does not necessarily decrease the passion and love between two people. Both the movies portray older adults showing their love and affection for the one they love, the same as before. So, I feel that the image portrayals of older adults in these movies are

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