Cattle Are Prey Animals Analysis

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I want to start out by saying I have seen this movie several times and it happens to be one of my favorites! Dr. Temple Grandin has opened so many doors not only in the Cattle industry but for people with Disabilities as well! She used her autism as a way to see and feel what the cattle see and feel so she could then design a system to make the butchering process less stressful on the animal. “Cattle are prey animals and my autism allows me to understand prey animals well. I can visualize the flight zones of cattle.” I believe that this quote, this fact was the key to Dr. Grandin’s success! Watching this movie reminded me of how cruel not only children but people in general can be. The amount of ridicule, teasing and taunting that Temple…show more content…
For example I will use my heifer “Sassy” and babies. Sassy for the longest time HATED and I mean hated babies, toddlers pretty much anyone younger than about age 7. She was ever around them, they scared her, she would see a little one and she would think danger. Sassy and little ones is no different than Temple and the automatic doors, she would see an automatic door and automatically an image of a midlevel guillotine would pop in her head. It was scary because she never had been around them. New things can set a person with autism off because of how sensitive they are cattle are the same way in the movie a sheet hanging on the closet door freaks temple out and she has a “ moment” when cattle experience new things it sometimes can spook them. Which then makes me wonder if working with people with autism is like working with “Green Broke” show cattle. You can get a lot accomplished as long as you don’t rush it. You introduce them to new things
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