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Cattle grazing across the green, Flint Hills cannot be any more picture perfect. Cattle ranching is not just for old timers, and the younger generation is the most powerful involved in cattle managing. You can do it today if you wanted to! Cattle can be easy and fun to raise! Managing cattle can be a life long job by following these simple steps.
Just like every job, you have to start at the beginning. Purchasing is the first step to managing cattle. Acquiring land, or inheriting, land will put you on the right track to start managing a herd of cattle. Once you have the land, now is when you would start going to the sale barns and to look for a small group of cattle that are good in quality. You may not find the right set the first time; this may take a few visits to several different sales. Eventually, you will find the right set and be ready to start managing cattle.
Time and caring are some examples of the hardest work you will do. Once you bring the cattle home and turn them out in the pasture, it is now time to let them explore. For the first
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It is now time to watch them grow and prosper. Sometimes you will have to treat some of the cattle and some of the treatments could be for foot rot or sore eyes. Foot rot typically occurs when the foot has been wet for a longer period of time. In the winter, make sure to provide them with hay and feed them once a day, and check their water source to make sure that it has not froze over. In the spring, cut back on the hay and feed because the grass will provide them with the nutrients needed. During the summer, the cattle will not need any hay or feed; they will be able to get everything they need from the grass. Take the time to meet other ranchers managing cattle; they will help you whenever you need it. Always keep a veterinarian’s number saved in your phone, or even have it memorized. Things happen to cattle all the time but most of it you can treat

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