Cattle Show Research Paper

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The Road to the Show Almost everyone can relate to the amazing feeling a person gets when hard work is paid off with success. The feeling of winning a cattle show after working on a calf all summer is a feeling that is indescribable. People who are foreign to the industry do not understand the necessary work and everyday routine that comes with showing cattle. Daily care of a show calf is quite extensive, but by following a few steps it can almost guarantee success! Anyone involved in the show cattle industry can agree that if a showmen doesn’t have the right supplies, there is no way to be competitive. There are nation wide resources that can stock barns to create highly competitive clients. Sullivan’s Show Supplies is an online website in which I order most of my show barn necessities from. These necessities include: rice-root brushes, combs, Kleen Sheen, soap, and many other hair care products. Other than appearance enhancement products, it is absolutely necessary to have the correct feed. A person can contact their local feed dealer or farmers coop to create a close-to-perfect feed ration for their show animal. It is critical that an animal owner always has a stocked feed supply for their…show more content…
After brushing is complete, a showmen must blow the hair in a forward direction from a farther distance to help train the hair. Finally, the calf should be rinsed with water, combed forward, and taken back into the cooler room. Show cattle should have their heads tied up for at least two and a half consecutive hours. This is a prime time to do this and to lower their heads at night feeding time. Night feeding is very similar to morning feeding. The same ration is used and the cattle must be tied separately again. Once feed buckets is placed in front of the cattle, it is a prime opportunity to clean up more feces left from the cattle. It is very important the room is kept clean and will help the nightly routine go
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