Catullus 51 Poem

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The poetry that Catullus wrote shows that he was a sentimental, romantic man. In Catullus poems he expresses his love towards Lesbia and his preciseness of getting Lesbia to love him back. After being rejected by Lesbia it deeply hurts him since he shows her so much affection but only speaks ill of him. Catullus is very passionate and is obsessed with kissing, in “Catullus 16” he speaks of getting thousands and thousands of kisses from his lover. Even though he is passionate and sentimental, he is no pansy. In “Catullus 51” he is very vulgar in that poem responding to those that think he’s too sentimental and has a hatred toward Julius Caesar. Catullus was based off as a sentimental person that express love and hatred in his poetry. He displays passion and hatred throughout his writing. Expresses his obsessiveness with Lesbia determined to get her to love him. Rome and Romans during this time period were around the time when Julius Caesar is active since Catullus seems to have a hatred towards Julius Caesar. In “Catullus 99” where Catullus steals a kiss from Lesbia, he is punished by being crucified to a cross for an hour…show more content…
From this it describes that women aren’t always true to their lovers. The relationship between Catullus and Lesbia began as a two way love but suddenly turns into a give and take relationship. Even though Catullus truly loves her Lesbia doesn’t return those feeling of love to him. In one of the poems even though Catullus give her love and other thing she only speaks ill of him. Rufus must have been a trading partner with Catullus since he speaks that Rufus has stolen his goods. Catullus must have been cheated out of a deal since he describes Rufus as a vain and worthless person. After that Catullus must have had an extreme hatred towards
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