Catwoman Vs Batman

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If you asked an young boy about his future job he would probably answer "superhero". On the other hand just a few girls would give you the same answer. Even though we know mostly male superheroes there are also some women who are ready to save or, in this case, destroy the world. To compare male and female superheroes we can take Catwoman and Batman as an example. Batman and Catwoman are exactly alike and total opposites at the same time. There is a simple explanation behind this tricky sentence... In this essay I am going to uncover their secret and similarities they both share and then compare them and find some differences. At first sight it might seem that the only thing they have in common is that they both share an animal in their…show more content…
Even thought it is quite incomprehensible Catwoman does not represent a good character. Maybe it is really true that good boys like bad girls or that opposites do attract. The next important difference is that Catwoman has no special superpowers. On one hand Batman has reached the pinnacle of human conditioning, his intellect is brilliant, he has special batsuit and he possesses the ability to instill fear into others. On the other hand Catwoman uses her intellect, tactics and natural instict. She is a natural gymnast and exper of Martial artist. Her strong point is seduction. Even though they are superheroes and they should be perfect they also have some weaknesses. Cat woman is very vulnerable to disclose her secret identity what may be always very dangerous. For a comparison Batman never does it and the only person he has disclose his identity was Catwoman. Batman has not got many weaknesses maybe just misfortune. His allies often turns against him. That is why he is so thankful for Catwoman and she is the person he relies on the most. However Catwoman still misses some stability and she loves to rely on herself. Maybe she still need some time to understand what does true love mean. In the conclusion we can see that Catwoman and Batman have many things in common and are so different at the same time. The thing which connects them the most is the beautiful love between them. There is also the fact that they are from the same comics and so they were made by the same creators. On the other hand they are completely different personalities. While Batman is a superhero Catwoman is a supervillain. Even this fact doesn 't interfere with their
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