Caucus In Presidential Elections

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The United States government prospers from a society based on representative democracy and popular sovereignty. These aspects of government are seen in the presidential election process, including caucuses and primaries. A caucus is a voting process in which representatives of candidates express their candidates ' views at a voting location prior to the citizens voting. A primary is a voting system in which registered voters vote at their specified location and do not speak to party members or representatives before casting their vote. These voting techniques are used to choose one Republican and one Democrat to represent each political party in the presidential general election. Ten states in the United States use a caucus system, and one of…show more content…
New Hampshire has always been the first state to hold a primary, and passed a law that gives its secretary of state the power to change the date in order to precede any other primary by one week.(Convention and campaigns) Though New Hampshire is surrounded by blue states, it is a swing state, and could vote either way in the upcoming presidential primary and later in the presidential election.(New Hampshire Voting History) In the last ten presidential elections, the people of New Hampshire have voted for the Republican candidate five times, and for the democratic candidate five times. (New Hampshire Voting History) Although, in five of the past six general presidential elections the state has voted for the Democratic candidate. (New Hampshire Voting History) In recent polls from November fifteen, Trump was leading in Republican presidential primary polls, followed by Carson, Rubio, Cruz and Kasich. (Election 2016) However these polls have changed dramatically from August of this year.(Election 2016) On August 24th Trump was in the lead followed by Kaisch, Bush, Walker and Carson. (Election 2016) Kasich is focusing primarily on New Hampshire, and currently has the most support there out of the first three states to vote in the primaries .(New Hampshire Voting…show more content…
John Kasich, the current sixty ninth Governor of Ohio has an extensive political background .(John Kasich) Originally from Pennsylvania, conservative Kasich has been Governor of Ohio since 2010 having beaten the Democratic candidate in both the 2010 and 2012 election for Governor of Ohio .(John Kasich) Elected into the Senate at age twenty six, Kasich is the youngest person ever elected into office, and served as a Republican senator from 1979 to 1983 for the state of Ohio .(John Kasich) Immediately after, Kasich served the state of Ohio in the House of Representatives from 1983 to 2000, and made an unsuccessful bid for president at the end of his term in 2000 .(John Kasich) After his defeat, Kasich hosted his own political news show on Fox from 2001 to 2007 .(John Kasich Republican Candidate) In addition, Kasich worked as a managing director at Lehman Brothers ' in Columbus, Ohio until the controversial firm collapsed in 2008 .(John Kasich Republican Candidate) Shortly after in 2010, Kasich was elected as Governor and since then has made many changes to the economic state of Ohio .(John Kasich) As governor, Kasich closed the eight million dollar debt without tax increases, and has helped Ohio create over 300,000 private sector jobs in just under four years .(John Kasich) Kasich has also cut taxes in the once heavily taxed state of Ohio by five billion dollars, which was the biggest tax cut of any state .(John Kasich) In addition, Kasich has used federal money to strengthen

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