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Caught between the Trapline

Sometimes people who live in different societies can feel trapped within themselves and their surroundings. People who live in poverty can feel trapped within their surroundings of, violence, drugs, and alcohol. People who live in upper class can also be, influenced by drugs and alcohol. However people in Upper Class, may strive to impress their parents, teachers or coach, and could lead to life, which he or she do not want. People who live in poverty, may not understand that drugs, alcohol or violence is necessary wrong, as that is the life, he or she have always lived. All ages and societies feel trapped in some way; looking for a way to escape the life they live and to also better their future. However, like
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Will’s family, revolves around a cycle of abuse, sadness and crying out for help. According to Will, Christmas are usually spent separate; “Mom and Dad will go to a lot of parties and get really drunk. Eric will go to a lot of parties and get really stoned.” (443) Whereas, Christmas is supposed to be spent together and celebrate together with gifts, food and laughter. Christmas should not be a time where booze and partying become more important than being together as a family. Throughout Trapline, the reader understands that Will’s older brother Eric, frequency takes out his frustrations out on…show more content…
The question is it Eric’s fault? Alternatively, do we blame the father? As the reader, we learn that the Dad takes much of his frustrations out on his son Eric, which could be the reason Eric attacks his younger brother. As the reader learns that the mother is deeply depressed and probably is trapped within her surroundings. Will’s mom often escapes the madness for a little while, by finding her escape at the end of an empty bottle. As his mother crashes, Will is there always to catch her. He comforts her and makes sure she is as okay as she can be.
Will struggles with one important aspect, and that is within himself. As the reader, you see Will is capable of achieving greatness and accomplishing wonderful things for himself. According to Mrs. Smythe, “I was going to tell you how much I liked your essay. You must have done a lot of work on it.” (445) However with the environment Will lives in, and the influences that surround him; drugs, alcohol, and his home life. It affects Will for achieving high grades, being the best that he can be, and propensity can harm his
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