Cause And Consequences Of Drought

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Consequences of Drought Drought is like a cancerous tumor. It initially introduces itself as an unnoticeable discomfort. If not resolved or dealt with, it manifests into an uncontrollable and destructive force that invades every aspect of daily life. In some cases it causes irreversible damage, leaving a scar that can never be fully healed. A drought is described as an extended duration of time with an absence of resources, usually a lack of water and/or sources of water. The absence of water sources has been a problem for as long as time itself and continues to negatively impact lives today. This is noticeably similar, but not to be confused with, poverty. Poverty is also an inadequacy of resources but is typically associated with economic, social, and political components. Both drought and poverty have countless repercussions and consequences worsening the quality of life for many. Inadequate sources of water increase poverty by limiting agriculture, creating famine, and enabling the spread of diseases. Lack of water contributes to poverty by inhibiting the availability of agricultural products. For Instance, the Institute for the Study of Society and Environment (ISSE) wrote an article concerning the aftermath of droughts. The article started off by reporting that “because most Sub-Saharan economies are driven primarily by agriculture, the effects of meteorological droughts are direct and can be large. In such countries, a majority of the population is employed in farming

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